Guide to Bulk Grocery Locations Throughout the United States

Today, I’m excited to share something that I’ve been working on for a long time: a guide to where you can purchase trash-free groceries and hygiene products throughout United States. Shopping from the bulk foods aisle of the grocery store and bringing your own containers to fill up on pantry staples is a key part of growing a more sustainable kitchen.

However, certain grocery stores don’t sell bulk, package-free goods, while some stores with bulk sections don’t allow you to bring your own containers from home. And, sometimes you visit a grocery only to find that they don’t offer what you’re looking for package-free. For me, finding waste-free sources for all of the groceries I needed was a process that took months of trial and error and adventures to different stores around town. My hope is that this guide helps you get right to what you need without too much searching around, and that it helps make your transition to zero waste easier. It can also be a helpful guide to reference when traveling, when you want to stock up on snacks or groceries on the road but aren't familiar with the local options.

You can look through the stores in your area, here. The guide lives in the sidebar, so it will be easily accessible anytime you need. And, have a favorite grocery you love that isn’t on there? Email me and I’ll add it to the list, with many thanks to you for helping grow this zero waste resource!