Multipurpose Beauty from Dulse & Rugosa

Zero waste, sustainable beauty from Dulse & Rugosa | Litterless

This post is sponsored by Dulse & Rugosa, makers of handcrafted bath and beauty products at their studio in Maine.

I’m not a bathroom minimalist: step inside the bathroom of my small apartment, and you’ll find shelves piled a bit precariously with various potions and unguents. Most are in glass jars, sure, and many are homemade, but they’re there nonetheless. Because sometimes I want to use body lotion, and sometimes body butter. Sometimes eucalyptus bath salts sound just right, and sometimes I want to pour in some homemade lemon-scented bath oil. Some days a pink clay mask seems called for, and other days a green tea clay mask. My philosophy is: I can keep on hand as many things as I want, but I have to make sure to use them all up. No throwing out half-empty containers of lotion or letting a shampoo lurk in the back of the cabinet until it gets too old to use.

When traveling, though, minimalism in the bath and beauty department is something to aspire to. When one item can serve several purposes, it frees up suitcase space and means I can have the joy of traveling just a little bit lighter. So on my recent trip to London, I brought along a shampoo bar and tin of body butter from Dulse & Rugosa, to see how many different types of uses I could find for each. And just like being a bathroom maximalist at home, being more minimalist on the road proved a pleasure.

Zero waste, sustainable beauty from Dulse & Rugosa | Litterless

Dulse & Rugosa is a line of handcrafted bath and beauty products made in Maine by mother-daughter duo Claire and Carly. Their soaps and salves are packed with botanical products that they grow and harvest themselves on Gotts Island, a small island off the coast of Maine. You’ll find things filled with nourishing seaweed, flower extracts, and herbs. Each is handcrafted and made in small batches, so the parcel that comes to your door will be bursting with ingredients that feel fresh and vibrant.

For my trip, I packed their seaweed-rich shampoo bar in this rust-proof travel tin, plus a tin of their vegan body butter. The former comes in paper packaging that I recycled before popping it into the reusable tin, which is sold separately. The latter came in a metal tin that, once empty, I can refill with something the next time I travel, use as a container for my own kitchen beauty experiments, or pass along to a friend in need of a travel soap tin.

Zero waste, sustainable beauty from Dulse & Rugosa | Litterless

Then came the moment of truth: I’ve always been curious about shampoo bars, but haircare can be such a tricky thing to get right, so I’d never tried them. But they’re so appealing for bringing on a trip, since there’s no chance of them spilling all over your suitcase, and you won’t have to wedge them into the increasingly full ziploc bag of liquids in your carry-on. Eager to give the bar a try but still wary, I found Dulse & Rugosa’s instructions on switching to a shampoo bar to be really helpful. Namely: be patient and experiment.

A great thing about bringing their shampoo bar as opposed to a liquid version is that it can easily double as a bar of soap (and I’m all about bringing my own soap to avoid plastic-packaged versions at hotels, if need be). A shampoo bar can work for hand washing, as body wash, and even to create suds for doing laundry in the sink, in a pinch.

Zero waste, sustainable beauty from Dulse & Rugosa | Litterless

Like the shampoo bar, their body butter more than earned its keep. The vegan formula comes flower-strewn and feels light as air, with a whipped texture that’s incredibly pleasant to dip your fingers into. A little goes a long way, and I used it after showering before padding around in slippers and a robe for a bit to let it fully sink in. Like the shampoo bar, it works for much more than its intended use: it’s a wonderful body lotion, of course, but also serves as a hand cream, lip balm, flyaway-tamer, and possibly more. Instead of traveling with a jar of body lotion and a small pot of lip balm, it was nice to have one product that could be both.

Multipurpose zero waste beauty products from Dulse & Rugosa | Litterless

Dulse & Rugosa also makes other things, of course. You can peruse their website for more Maine-made goodness, like shaving soap, body oil, and nourishing balms like this one. (Next up, I’d be eager to try this lovely-looking sleep balm). And, if you’d like, you can take 15% off your purchase at their online shop using the code “litterless” through the end of May.

Do you have a few favorite products that do double (or triple) duty, at home or while traveling?

This post is sponsored by Dulse & Rugosa; all thoughts are my own. Thank you for supporting Litterless and the companies who are working toward a more zero waste world.