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Zero waste body lotion | Litterless

Another winter, another zero waste lotion update. Last winter's lotion of choice was this DIY version. I still like and use that same recipe for homemade lotion, but it really feels like more of a balm or body butter - it's thick and gloopy and take a minute to absorb. At the start of this winter, I went on the hunt for a more, well, lotion-y zero waste body lotion, and since my new routine has been working well for a few months now, I thought I'd share it with you.

Since I'm lucky enough to have a few stores near me where I can buy bulk body lotion, the answer was fairly simple. I brought a clean glass Mason jar to one, read the ingredients labels on the bulk dispensers and chose a lotion, then at home I replaced the lid of the jar with a stainless steel Mason jar pump that a friend had given me for my birthday one year. (You could also just wash out an old plastic lotion or shampoo bottle and use that, of course!). So that's it, a very normal lotion situation that's been zero-wasted a bit.

If you don't have bulk lotion available for purchase near you (you can check the guide here to see if there's a store near you), a few other options to consider:

-Lotion in a returnable bottle. Plaine Products makes a body lotion that they'll mail to you in their refillable stainless steel bottles. Once you're done with the lotion, you can mail the bottle back to them for free to be sterilized and reused. (PS. You can use the code LITTERLESS for 10% off your purchase).

-Bulk lotion purchased online. If you have a family and think you'll be able to use this quantity up in a year or so, you could always purchase a bulk lotion dispenser for yourself, like this or this. Since this is how bulk lotion is sold in most stores, you'll be cutting down on waste to the same degree that you would be if you filled your own jar up at a retail store, like I did. Keep the large dispenser out of the way in a closet or under the sink, and fill smaller bottles with it to keep around the house. Alternatively, you could gather up a few zero waste friends and ask if they'd like to split this, too.

-Lotion bar, DIY or not. I haven't used lotion bars, but I know folks who do. You could pick one up package-free at a store like Lush, or find a recipe online and make your own. (If you have a favorite bar or recipe, I'd love to hear).

What's your routine like right now? Any other suggestions for folks without bulk options available?

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