Zero Waste Essentials

Zero waste essentials | Litterless

Today, I'm excited to share a project that's long been in the works: a guide to the zero waste items I reach for day in and day out, the things I consider my absolute essentials. These are the things I use every day, that you've seen in my pictures a thousand times, the answer to so many "How do you keep X activity zero waste?" questions.

But, even better, the guide tells you how each item is packaged, how to take care of it, and how to keep it out of the landfill at the end of its life, if possible. I wish retailers took more responsibility for giving us all of that information - until then, I hope my new guide is helpful in learning how to use and care for your zero waste items.

You can find the guide here, or in top navigation bar under "Essentials." I'll be adding a few things over the next few weeks as well, as I wander through my house and think, "Hey, that's pretty essential, too." Anything else you'd like to see a packaging / use / care / disposal guide on there for?

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