Zero Waste, One Step at a Time

Going zero waste one step at a time with MightyFix | Litterless

I'm often asked what I consider to be the first, simplest steps toward going zero waste. Inside that question there are other questions, often left unasked but perhaps more important:

Am I really expected to reach "zero"? How close do I need to get? What are the things I can do now, with my fifty-hour workweek and a toddler? What are the three tools I should bring with me that will fit in the tote I already use each day?

Basically: how can I care for the planet without upending my life?

Taking zero waste one step at a time with MightyFix | Litterless

The answer to all of these is to go slowly. What I aim for isn’t going zero waste perfectly for a week: it’s going zero waste imperfectly for a lifetime. To try to do everything at once can be daunting; instead, to give yourself time to let your new habits stick ensures that they’ll feel doable rather than onerous.

Enter MightyFix. Brought to you by the folks at MightyNest, an online store for sustainable products, MightyFix aims to make it simpler to incorporate eco-friendly changes into your existing routines. For a subscription of $10 a month, each month they send you a small but mighty product to help you make a sustainable swap in your home.

Taking zero waste one step at a time with MightyFix | Litterless

Things you might find in your box: beeswax food wraps to replace plastic wrap, woolen dryer balls to replace dryer sheets, compostable dishcloths to replace plastic sponges, stainless steel food containers to replace plastic ones, and more.

Though the item varies by month, you can always count on it being zero-waste-friendly, non-toxic, and tested by the team at MightyNest to be durable and high-quality. It’ll come shipped to your door in recycled and recyclable packaging, like a cardboard box or small mailer (where possible, they even mail shipments in reused parcels they've received themselves). The item inside is always worth more than the $10 subscription fee. And, every item on the MightyNest site ships free when added to your MightyFix box, so if you’re feeling like making more than one simple change each month, that’s easy, too.

Going zero waste one step at a time with MightyFix | Litterless

For new subscribers this month, MightyNest is sending out one of my favorite easy switches: replacing single-use plastic sandwich bags with a durable, washable, non-toxic silicone Stasher bag. Unlike some plastic-free food storage containers, these bags are lightweight and easy to throw into any bag or backpack. I use them for carrying snacks and sandwiches, bringing home compost at the end of the day, and while traveling. They’ve been long-time favorites of mine, and would be especially great for lunchboxes.

MightyNest is offering Litterless readers their first month of MightyFix for only $3 when you sign up using the code GOLITTERLESS.

This post is sponsored by MightyNest, the Chicago-based company making it easy to slowly go zero waste. Thanks so much for supporting Litterless.