Introducing Zero Waste Chicago!


I'm excited to share that a new project that friends and I have been working hard on for months is launching today! We've started Zero Waste Chicago, a new environmental organization working to move the Chicago area away from disposables to a more circular, lower-waste economy. You can read more about our mission here, if you'd like.

First up, we've built a website that offers a detailed map of the zero waste resources available in Chicago - where you can buy the things you need (compostable dish brushes, bulk laundry detergent, safety razors, kombucha on tap!) and where you can compost. We're starting to lead workshops throughout the city - our next workshop is coming up on April 21st at Sugar Beet Co-op in Oak Park. We also host monthly meet-ups for the zero waste crew here, and all are always welcome (our next one is April 1st, details here).

Otherwise, what's next for us is beginning to host more workshops and outreach opportunities and applying for non-profit status. If you'd like, you can head over to the website to sign up for our email list (just hit "subscribe" at the very bottom) to get a once-a-month update of what we're up to, or to get on our meet-up mailing list if you live in Chicago and are interested in meeting other zero wasters. Or, you can follow us on Instagram or Twitter if you want to stay in the loop.