Finding a Zero Waste Crew in Your City


Last week I hosted a holiday party for Chicago area readers and friends who are interested in zero waste. We've done a few get-togethers by now, and have found it's so fun to meet other people whose interests are the same. We all talk over each other as we share our tips for the best places to shop in bulk and other stories of trying to live trash-free in Chicago.

Some non Chicago folks have mentioned that they wished they lived near enough to come to our meet-ups, and I wish they did, too! But barring advances in hyper-fast train travel (can that happen too please, though?), I wanted to share a few ideas for connecting with other people interested in zero waste in your area:

Start a #zerowaste hashtag for your city.

A few of us here in Chicago have started using the hashtag #zerowastechicago on Instagram, and it's helped us connect in real life, too. Using the hashtag is also a great way to start create a central space with photographs of local resources that people can turn to when looking for bulk shopping options, compost locations, and other zero waste friendly spaces in your city.

Reach out to a local zero waste blogger.

Whether you just chat over email or meet up for a cup of coffee, you can swap tips, stories, and put your heads together to think of ways to further the zero waste community in your area. And, they might know a few other people in your area that you can connect with, too. You can use this map to find a zero waste blogger near you!

Host a mini meet-up.

This doesn't need to be elaborate nor hosted in your home. Setting a time and place (a coffee shop that you love for its reusable mugs, perhaps?) to meet and spreading the word about it might be a good way to bring together people near you. Share the details with your friends, on social media, at the local grocery store where you shop in bulk, and any bloggers in your area from the list above. And, if you set up an event, I'm happy to share the event details, too - just let me know!

Do you know any other zero waste folks in your area? Would love to hear what this community looks like for you.

Photograph of the aftermath of our zero waste holiday party in Chicago last week.