Chicago area

-Zero Waste Chicago: The environmental organization I founded keeps a list of all the composting options in Chicago, from pick-up services to locally produced vermicomposting supplies, on their website here. There are also drop-off location options listed for visitors.
-To find a list of local restaurants who compost, visit the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition's We Compost page.



-Earth Mama: A compost collection service that looks convenient and affordable. For their residential services, you can choose between pick-up and drop-off (the latter is a bit cheaper). They also offer commercial composting.
-Green with Indy: Another curbside food waste collection service in Central Indiana, which services both homes and businesses. They also offer zero waste event consulting and services.


-Curbside Compostables: A food scrap collection service, where you can choose between a weekly and a biweekly pickup plan.


Central Iowa

-During the spring, summer, and fall, most communities offer weekly yard waste compost pickups - to find out more and see if your hometown participates, click here.


Kansas City area

-URBAVORE Urban Farm: You can drop off food scraps and some yard trimmings here.
-You can find additional places to drop off your yard trimmings, here.


-For a drop-off spot for organic yard waste, click here. They don't accept food scraps, but you can set up a compost bin or pile in your yard.


Ann Arbor

-For a fee, you can sign up to have the city collect your compost between April and October, both food scraps and yard waste. Learn more here.

Grand Rapids

-New Soil: Grand Rapids' commercial composting service for businesses and restaurants.
-Organicycle: Curbside compost pick-up services for both residents and businesses. They also do yard waste collection.
-Urban Roots: Food scrap collection via bicycle. (They currently only service a small pilot area of the city).

Traverse City

-Carter's Compost: Collects kitchen scraps by bike and composts them using vermicomposting (worms!). You can sign up for weekly pickups from this local business.


Dakota County

-Dakota County offers several free drop-off points for food scraps and yard trimmings. You can find one near you, and see their instructions, here.


-Make Dirt Not Waste: Keeps a list of restaurants in the Minneapolis area that compost their food waste, if you're curious and want to support them.
-The city is currently rolling out curbside composting in certain neighborhoods - you can learn more here.

St. Paul

-St. Paul offers free drop-off sites, perfect for residents and visitors alike. You can find a list of sites here. Additionally, the city gives residents start-up kits to participate in the drop off organics recycling program. These kits include a compost bucket, and compost bags are always free.


Kansas City area

-Compost Connection: They will pick up your yard waste (but not food scraps) year-round.
-URBAVORE Urban Farm: You can drop off food scraps and some yard trimmings here.
-Missouri Organic: You can drop off yard waste here on select days; find more information here. They also have a resource for which businesses have food recycling at their locations in KC. Helpful for if you don't know your apartment/work place composts, as you can likely bring your household waste somewhere you already frequent.
-You can find additional places to drop off your yard trimmings, here.



-You can deposit your yard waste at their compost drop-off site at no charge. They don't accept food waste, but that you can compost at home in your backyard, if you're able.


-Do you know of somewhere to compost in North Dakota - either a service or a drop-off point? If so, let me know and I'll add it to the list! Otherwise, consider setting up a compost pile at home in your backyard, or vermicompost in your home if you don't have access to a yard.


Athens area

-Athens-Hocking Organics: Offers compost pick-up or drop-off for businesses and residents (the drop-off service is at the farmers' market, and can be a really convenient, inexpensive route to go with if you regularly shop there!).


-Rust Belt Riders: Offers commercial composting for your small (or large!) business. Some of their composting is even bicycle-powered. If you'd like to sign up for their waiting list for residential pickup, you can do so here.

Columbus area

-Compost Columbus: You can participate in their curbside compost collection service at your home or apartment.



Sioux Falls

-Yard waste is banned in city of Sioux Falls waste stream. But, most trash haulers take yard waste and haul it to the citywide compost site. Seasonal leaf waste is accepted by the city at two locations for a small fee. Christmas trees are accepted at the city landfill in late December / early January for a small fee. Residents may purchase compost from the city.




-University of Wisconsin: Many campus buildings, such as the student unions, offer composting bins alongside their trash and recycling - this is great for students, faculty, and even travelers to the city. Find the full list of these locations, as well as what's compostable in them, here.
-Willy Street Co-op: If you're visiting the city, you can also place small amounts of compost in the buckets at this local grocery store.
-Residents may compost their yard waste (fallen leaves, grass clippings, or gardening detritus) here.


-Compost Crusaders: A Milwaukee-area compost pick-up service.
-Compost Express: If you live in Milwaukee but don't have space for a composting setup of your own, this local business has you covered with curbside pickup of kitchen scraps for a weekly fee.
-Kompost Kids: Offers many free community composting sites citywide where you can bring your organic material from your kitchen or yard. (Isn't that great? Few things make me happier than the thought of kids composting). They can also partner with you to host a zero waste event.