-Hartford & West Hartford areas: If backyard composting isn't for you, Blue Earth Compost will pick up your food scraps and compost them for a fee. They'll also help you plan and throw a zero waste party!

-New Haven: Peels & Wheels offers weekly food scrap pickup - they'll collect compost on bikes, and the compost is used in local urban farms.


-Brunswick: We Compost It! offers weekly curbside compost pickup, and they'll even give you back 5 gallons of composted soil per week for use in your garden! Or, try Garbage to Garden's weekly curbside composting - they'll also give you back soil, if you'd like.

-Kennebunk: If you're looking for a curbside compost collection service, try We Compost It!, which offers food scrap pickup at your home or business. They'll even provide you with composted soil to use in your garden!

-Portland area: If you can't set up a backyard composter, the service Garbage to Garden can set you up with weekly curbside composting - and they can even give you back composted soil, if you're interested! They also service nearby Brunswick, Yarmouth, Falmouth, Westbrook, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth  and Cumberland. Or, you can subscribe to We Compost It!'s curbside compost pickup in the area.

-Saco: In the Saco area, use We Compost It! if you don't have the room or time for a backyard composter of your own. They feature weekly curbside food scrap pickup, and they'll even give you back composted soil to use in your garden!


-Boston area: City-dwellers, you can compost too! Bootstrap Compost will pick up your food scraps to be composted on local farms. It's affordable and convenient, and you'll be a do-gooder in the best way. And, Boston has a program called Project Oscar, which is a free 24-hour community compost pilot program that gives communities a place to drop-off residential food scraps. As of April 2017, there are bins in six locations: East Boston, North End, Brighton, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and City Hall Plaza.

-Northeast Massachusetts: Black Earth Compost collects food waste from residents and businesses to divert away from the landfill into compost - sign up here, if you'd like! It's a great service to use if you aren't able to compost in your backyard.


-Dover area: Mr. Fox Composting offers a residential pickup service for food scraps for Dover and the surrounding towns - and, you can choose how often they'll come! They also work to help small businesses reduce their waste through recycling and composting.


-Providence/Pawtucket: If you don't have room for a home composting setup, you can join the ecoRI home composting pilot program; for a small fee, they'll collect buckets of your food scraps and deliver them to nearby urban farms. If you're looking to compost for a commercial venture such as a restaurant, consider partnering with the Compost Plant collection service. Alternatively, if you make few food scraps or are just visiting the area, you can bring your fruit and vegetable scraps one of several local farmers' markets, which will accept them to compost.

-Barrington: The Barrington Farmers' Market collects fruit and vegetable matter for compost, so you can bring food scraps on your weekly market trip.


-Burlington: Earthgirl Composting provides you with a bucket to fill with food scraps, and they then collect it weekly, biweekly, or monthly for a small fee. They also will help you set up composting at a party or event - perfect for staying zero waste!

-Montpelier: If a backyard composting setup isn't for you, try the pickup service from Earthgirl Composting - they'll give you a container for food scraps, which they'll collect weekly, biweekly, or monthly for a small fee.

-Waterbury: You can drop off food scraps, farm waste, and yard trimmings for free at GROW's drop-off location in Waterbury - hooray! Find out where and learn what you can bring in, here.