-Mobile: Victory Teaching Farm accepts compost for use in their urban teaching garden! Contact them first to confirm what they're currently accepting.


-Bentonville: Bentonville residents can bring their yard waste to the city's composting facility and drop them off, free of charge. They don't accept food scraps, though, so you'll need to set up a home composting system to take care of those (a compost pile in your backyard will do the trick, or if you don't have that option you could always try vemicomposting indoors).

-Texarkana: You can bring yard trimmings for free dropoff here, but they don't accept food scraps.


-Gainesville: If you live in Gainesville, try signing up for Compost Gainsville's pickup service. Or, if you prefer to compost at home instead, they can set you up with worms so that you can vermicompost on your own - so cool!

-Orlando: If it's the most magical place on Earth, that has to include compost, right? If you don't want to or can't keep a compost pile at home, the home pickup service from Compost Orlando has you covered. You can even sign up to have your office or small business participate!


-Athens: If you live in Athens, try the compost pickup service from Let Us Compost - they'll even pick up your Christmas tree or help you host a zero waste event! (And, I love their motto - "Starving Landfills since 2012!")

-Atlanta: Compost Wheels offers a compost pickup service for residents and businesses in the Atlanta area - you can choose between weekly and bi-weekly pickup. Or, you can use Bloom Compost, a vermicompost pick-up service in North Atlanta. If you're a farm or business looking to learn more about setting up an in-house compost system, the gurus at Terra Nova Compost can help get you started! You can also collect compost yourself and drop off at the Wylde Center in Decatur or any of their community gardens around Atlanta. 


-Lexington: The city of Lexington offers home composting setups to residents for free! Find out how to get one, as well as more helpful tips to get you started with home composting, here.


-New Orleans: You can drop off food scraps at libraries via Compost Now on Sundays and Wednesday. More info here!


-If you live in Mississippi, try setting up a backyard composting system - instructions to get you started can be found here. And, if you know anywhere else where you can compost in Missisippi - even something as small as a bin at your local grocery - let me know and I'll add it to the list!


-Asheville: If you're a resident but don't have room to compost in your yard, Compost Now is a service that will collect your food scraps in a bin that they provide. If you're just traveling to Asheville and need a compost drop-off spot, the Greenlife supermarket on Merrimon has composting bins - they're great for depositing small scraps that arise during your trip, such as apple cores or carrot tops.

-Triangle area: If you live in the Triangle area but can't have room to compost in your yard (or don't have a yard), Compost Now can collect your food scraps for a small subscription fee. Durham residents can also choose Tilthy Rich Compost, a bicycle-powered service. If you're just visiting the area and have a little compost to dispose of on your trip, take advantage of the awesome composting on the campus of Duke University in Durham - it's especially prevalent in the buildings of their Nicholas School. Or, you can bring food scraps for drop off to UNC's Campus Community Garden in Chapel Hill.


-Statewide: The state government offers free assistance and information to would-be home & small business composters - check out their resources, here, to get started composting at home!


-Nashville: Compost Nashville offers a weekly food scrap pickup service - they provide the bucket, you fill it with kitchen castoffs, and they'll pick it back up! They'll give you back the compost if you want it for your garden, or will donate it to local gardens and urban farms if you don't. You can also choose to drop off your compost at one of two convenience centers; find more info on that here. (It's an especially great option for travelers to the area!).


-Austin: Compost Pedallers uses bike power to collect a compost bin they provide to you each week - perfect if you want to compost at home but don't have they backyard space or the time to maintain your own bin. You can also subscribe to Green Thumb's residential, apartment, or commercial compost pickup - learn more about their services here, if you'd like. The Compost Coalition helps connect residents and businesses with farms who accept compost, so take a look there as well if you have a home compost pile that's making way more soil than you'll be able to use. And to learn more about Austin's awesome goal of being a zero waste city and its residential composting pilot program, click here.

-Deep Ellum/Dallas area: If you can't keep a compost pile at home, try out Recycle Revolution's curbside collection program, with weekly pickup of food scraps.

-Houston: If you're visiting the city, take advantage of the compost bins at MOD Pizza and Whole Foods. You can also drop off compostable material for the garden at Houston Food Not Bombs, which is a great option for residents who aren't able to set up home composting.

-San Antonio: Compost Queens services the San Antonio area with residential and commercial food waste collection and composting!