-Recycled City: A pickup service for residents and small businesses. They set you up with a bin for corralling kitchen waste, which they then pick up - and you can choose to donate your soil to local farms and gardens, or take it back for your own use in your yard at home. They also keep a list of local restaurants who compost - take a look here if you'd like to support those local businesses!


-Scraps on Scraps: Offers a biweekly pickup of food scraps and other compostable household waste. (They'll also pick up your Christmas tree around the holidays for a small fee!).


-For California and the rest of the states on the Pacific Ocean, see my Pacific page here!



-Curbside composting is offered by the city in Boulder. For more information about what you can include in your compost, the city offers more information here.
-If you're visiting this city, check out the compost bins on University of Colorado at Boulder's campus, where you can deposit small amounts of food scraps that you've generated on your trip.


-In Denver, residents in single family homes can pay to participate in the city's compost collection program.
-Scraps Mile High: This private compost collection service is bike-powered and will pick up your food scraps if you don't have access to the city's collection program. They focus on condominiums, apartment buildings, and businesses; you can find their service area listed here.


-Table to Farm Compost: A pick-up service that offers curbside composting to Durango residents.



-Burley residents can take a free composting class - maybe this would be helpful for getting you started on composting in your backyard. Find out more here.


-The city offers municipal curbside pick-up! Learn more here.



-Happy Trash Can: Bozeman's curbside composting pickup service.
-The city of Bozeman collects yard trimmings for composting in the months of May through September. You can find out more, here.

Columbia Falls

-DIRT Rich Composting: Offers a curbside pick up service in the area.


Las Vegas

-Las Vegas Worms: If you're interested in starting a vermicomposting set-up at your home, this business offers worms and resources to get you started.


Bernalillo County

-You can take a composting class at NMSU to learn how to compost food scraps and yard waste at home in your backyard! For more information, visit their website here.


Central Oklahoma

-Fertile Ground: A food scrap pickup service that will collect your kitchen waste to turn into compost that can be used by local gardens and urban farms - even better, they're bicycle powered and low emission!


Salt Lake City

-The city offers free curbside compost pickup for food scraps and yard trimmings. They'll even provide the bin! Find out more on the city's website. If you'd prefer to compost at home in your backyard, they also offer some great resources to get you started.
-Wasatch Community Gardens: A local nonprofit that offers yearly composting classes for a small fee.



-The city of Casper accepts yard waste for composting, here.


-If you live in Cheyenne, you can drop off your yard trimmings at a local compost facility, free of charge.