Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless

Alameda County

-Offers mandatory curbside composting for residents.
-If you're visiting Alameda, there are public compost drop-offs along Park Street and Webster Street.
-Or, you can take small amounts of food scraps to Alameda Natural Grocery.


-The city of Berkeley provides yard trimming and food scrap pickup for all residences, hooray! To learn more and find out what you can and can't compost, click here. They also provide free finished compost to residents; learn more here.

Los Angeles

-Los Angeles now offers curbside green bins and they are making concerted efforts to move towards zero waste. Learn more here.


-Oxbow Public Market: Visitors to Napa can drop off small amounts of compost here, but try to buy something from them, too.


-The city of Oakland offers curbside composting for residents.
-Common Compost: Offers commercial composting services for chefs and restaurants.

San Francisco

-Has curbside composting, mandated for businesses and residents - lucky you!
-If you're traveling there, you can take advantage of this by dropping off your compost at local businesses (or save it for the airport, which also has composting bins - check near the eateries). 

San Mateo County

-Recology accepts food scraps and yard waste from San Mateo County residents in their green bins. You can find out more here, including what things should and shouldn't go in the green bins.

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