Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless


-Let Us Compost: A curbside compost collection service; they'll even pick up your Christmas tree or help you host a zero waste event!


-Bloom Compost: A pick-up service in North Atlanta that will take your food scraps and vermicompost them.
-CompostNow: Offers a compost pickup service for residents and businesses in the Atlanta area - you can choose between weekly and bi-weekly pickup.
-Cyrcle Compost: This compost pick-up service offers Atlanta-area residents, businesses, and residents curbside compost collection.
-Terra Nova Compost: If you're a farm or business looking to learn more about setting up an in-house compost system, these guys act as consultants to help you get started or to troubleshoot your existing system.
-Wylde Center: You can also collect compost yourself and drop off at the Wylde Center in Decatur, or at any of their community gardens around Atlanta. 

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