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Chicago area

-Block Bins: In this innovative food scrap collection model, neighbors share bins to save on costs; their pick-up service is $10 per person as of mid-2019.
-Collective Resource: This Evanston-based service offers curbside compost collection for homes and businesses in Chicago, with a particular emphasis on the North side. For Evanston residents, Collective Resource works with the city of Evanston to provide curbside pick-up at a slightly lower cost; you can learn more about that program here.
-Dill Pickle Food Co-op: Dill Pickle is now offering a compost pilot program for area homes. Visit their compost page to learn more.
-Green Dirt: This service, based in Arlington Heights, offers food scrap collection for residents and businesses, with a focus on certain suburbs. Contact them here to learn more about their service area.
-Healthy Soil Compost: Curbside compost collection for residents and businesses. The owner, Jon, is a friend of mine and deeply committed to Chicago's sustainability community. Many of their pick-ups take place via bike, for a carbon-neutral service.
-Heartland Cafe: This spot in Rogers Park offers a compost service through their farm, Earth First Farms. Take a look at their flyer to learn more, or stop by the restaurant to learn more about the program and sign up. (They also have a small grocery with a bulk food section!)
-Nature's Little Recyclers: If you'd like to try your hand at vermicomposting, Nature's Little Recyclers is a local supplier of worms and other supplies.
-Oak Park Compost Program: Oak Park residents can sign on to curbside collection through the city's program; learn more here.
-The Urban Canopy: In addition to their local food offerings, Urban Canopy runs a Compost Club, which offers food scrap collection for homes and businesses. If you'd like to drop off your food scraps instead of getting them picked up, you can do so through Urban Canopy at select farmers' markets throughout the city; find the full list here. (Drop-offs are a less expensive alternative to pick-ups).
-WasteNot Compost: WasteNot offers bike-powered compost pickup for homes and businesses.
-We Compost: The Illinois Food Scrap Coalition offers the We Compost program to identify and promote businesses who compost; if you'd like to support restaurants disposing of their food scraps responsibly, you can search for them here.

Glen Ellyn

-SCARCE: They don’t accept compost, but this reuse- and recycling-centered organization is worth noting here because it accepts many unusual items for reuse or recycling, such as electronics, art supplies, plastic bread tags, shredded paper, and much more. Learn more about what they accept on their website here.

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