Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless

Dakota County

-Municipal: Dakota County offers several free drop-off points for food scraps and yard trimmings. You can find one near you, and see their instructions, here.


-Randy’s Environmental Services: Food scrap and organics residential pick-up service.


-Make Dirt Not Waste: Keeps a list of restaurants in the Minneapolis area that compost their food waste, if you're curious and want to support them.
-Municipal: The city of Minneapolis is currently rolling out curbside composting in certain neighborhoods; learn more and sign up here.


-University of Minnesota Morris: Per a reader submission, the university has many compost bins throughout its campus; find a location here.

St. Louis Park

-Municipal: Opt-in curbside service is offered for all residential solid waste customers. Cost is included in solid waste rates. Drop-sites are offered for multi-family residents.

St. Paul

-Municipal: St. Paul offers free drop-off sites, perfect for residents and visitors alike. You can find a list of sites here. Additionally, the city gives residents start-up kits to participate in the drop off organics recycling program. These kits include a compost bucket, and compost bags are always free.

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