Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless

Albany area

-Empire Zero: Offers weekly curbside compost pickup from your home, apartment, or small business for a fee.
-Radix Center's Community Compost Initiative: This community center has a compost pick-up service that will grab food scraps from your home or apartment.


-Beacon Compost Project: If you live in Beacon and you don't have room for a compost pile in your yard (or in your schedule!), you can sign up for the great pickup service offered by the Beacon Compost Project folks.


-Farmer Pirates: These folks offer residential and commercial compost pick-up services.

Erie County

-Green Communities Project: Through these folks, you can buy weekly compost pickups for food scraps.

Hudson Valley

-Community Compost Company: Offers compost pickup for residents and businesses in the Hudson Valley. They also maintain drop-off sites throughout the region, if you're traveling and want somewhere to drop off food scraps; you can find one near you here.


-Folks in Tompkins county can bring food scraps for drop-off to one of many locations. Find out more, including what you can bring and a nearby drop-off location, here.

New York City

-NYC has curbside composting run by the city in most boroughs, though some further out neighborhoods will have to wait until sometime later in 2018 for it. Here's their official map and location search. If you're in the right area, but your landlord won't sign up for a bin for the building, it's likely one of your neighboring buildings will have an outdoor bin you can share if you ask permission.
-Grow NYC accepts compost drop-offs at 50+ Greenmarkets throughout the city and outer boroughs. (You can store your compost in the freezer or in a five-gallon bucket on your balcony in between weekly or biweekly trips to the drop-off sites). The Greenmarkets also accept textiles for recycling.
-East Village residents: Can subscribe to Reclaimed Organics' bicycle-powered pickup service, or drop off their compost at their deposit box (which is kept locked - you have to subscribe in advance).
-If you live in Bushwick, North Bedstuy, or South Ridgewood, the awesome youth and bicycle powered BK ROT offers doorstep compost pickup for a really reasonable fee.
-You can also drop off your compost at Bushwick Food Co-op - a good option if you're outside BK ROT's service radius, or if you're just visiting the area.

Niagara County

-Through the Green Communities Project, residents can access affordable weekly compost pickups for food scraps.

Rochester area

-Community Composting offers residential pickup; they'll deliver an empty bucket to your home or apartment and replace it weekly.

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