Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless


-Rogue Produce: Provides a weekly compost pickup service for a fee. If you're interested, you can find more information here!

Marion County

-In Salem and Kaizer, all yard and food waste can go in curbside composting bins with collection offered by the city. Hooray!
-In the cities and suburbs of Jefferson, Hubbard, Stayton, Silverton, and Woodburn, you can put yard scraps and fruit and vegetable scraps in your compost bin for curbside pickup.
-For more information, visit the county's compost resource page here.


-Portland offers curbside composting for residents in single family homes, making it easy for you to make the zero waste switch! For more information on what you should and shouldn't put in your composting bin for collection in Portland, visit the website here.

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