Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless


-Bootstrap Compost: Will pick up your food scraps to be composted on local farms. They're based in Boston, but in late 2017 they opened up pick-ups in Providence, as well.
-Compost Plant: If you're looking to compost for a commercial venture such as a restaurant, consider partnering with this commercial collection service.
-EcoRI home composting pilot program: For a small fee, they'll collect buckets of your food scraps and deliver them to nearby urban farms.
-Alternatively, if you make few food scraps or are just visiting the area, you can bring your fruit and vegetable scraps one of several local farmers' markets, which will accept them to compost.


-Barrington Farmers' Market: Collects fruit and vegetable matter for compost, so you can bring food scraps on your weekly market trip.

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