Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless


-The Compost Coalition: Helps connect residents and businesses with farms who accept compost, so take a look there if you have a home compost pile that's making way more soil than you'll be able to use.
-Compost Pedallers: Uses bike power to collect a compost bin they provide to you each week - perfect if you want to compost at home but don't have they backyard space or the time to maintain your own bin.
-Green Thumb: You can subscribe to this service for residential, apartment, or commercial compost pickup - learn more about their services here, if you'd like.
-To learn more about Austin's goal of being a zero waste city and its residential composting pilot program, click here.


-Turn Compost: A residential and commercial pick-up service, with additional drop-off locations that are more affordable than their pick-up options. They also offer one-time pick-ups of pumpkins, fall leaves, and other organics.
-Recycle Revolution: If you can't keep a compost pile at home, try out their curbside collection program, with weekly pickup of food scraps.
-University of Texas-Dallas: They have a composting program that processes food scraps from bins around campus. If you're just visiting Dallas, this might be a good place to take a moderate amount of food scraps for composting.

Fort Worth

-Cowboy Compost: Compost collection for homes, offices, parties, businesses, and more.


-Seeding Galveston: Per a reader submission, food scraps can be dropped off at this farm.


-Dunlavy and Clay: Per a reader submission, at the neighborhood garden at this corner, you can drop off fruit and vegetable scraps. (No citrus scraps, oils, or large pits, like from avocados or mangoes).
-Plant It Forward: According to a reader submission, you can drop off fruit and vegetable scraps at any Plant It Forward urban farm.

San Antonio

-Compost Queens: Services the San Antonio area with residential and commercial food waste collection and composting.


-Mission Waco Urban Reap: Per a reader submission, you can drop off food scraps here for composting. I wasn’t able to find more information on their website, so I recommend calling or emailing them first to confirm!

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