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Washington, DC

-Compost Cab: A once-a-week compost pickup service that comes straight to your home - they deliver a composting kit with a collection bin and liner to your door, and then return weekly to pick it up and replace it for a small fee.
-Compost Crew: Offers weekly compost pickups in bins that they provide (they'll also service apartment buildings and events!).
-Department of Public Works Food Waste Drop-Off: Find a food scrap drop-off location on their website, here!
-DuPont Farmers' Market: Drop off site for food scraps here.
-Key Compost: Commercial food scrap and organics collection service.
-Neighborhood compost cooperatives: DC Parks and Recreation manages compost drop-off programs at or near community gardens. Find one near you here.
-MOM's Organic Market: This natural grocery store has a compost drop-off bin open to the public for household compost only (no commercial or high-volume compost).
-Pluvr: Offers commercial composting for restaurants and resources to help reduce food waste going to compost.
-Veteran Compost: Residential and commercial food scrap collection, organic waste drop-off, and composting support for events.

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