Where to compost throughout the United States and Canada: a state-by-state guide to staying zero waste | Litterless


-Curbside Composter: Curbside food scrap collection.
-Earth Stew Compost Service: These folks offer compost pick-up for both homes and businesses.
-Rooted Curbside Compost Service: Rooted's curbside compost pick-up service is another great option for Madison folks; plus, they offer a 5% neighborhood discount if 20 or more households in your neighborhood use them!
-University of Wisconsin: Many campus buildings, such as the student unions, offer composting bins alongside their trash and recycling for use by students, faculty, staff, and guests. Find the full list of these locations, as well as what's compostable in them, here.
-Willy Street Co-op: If you're visiting the city, you can also place small amounts of compost in the buckets at this local grocery store.
-Residents may compost their yard waste (fallen leaves, grass clippings, or gardening detritus) here.


-Residents can compost yard waste through municipal resources; learn more here.


-Compost Crusaders: A Milwaukee-area compost pick-up service.
-Compost Express: If you live in Milwaukee but don't have space for a composting setup of your own, this local business has you covered with curbside pickup of kitchen scraps for a weekly fee.
-Kompost Kids: Offers many free community composting sites citywide where you can bring your organic material from your kitchen or yard. (Isn't that great? Few things make me happier than the thought of kids composting). They can also partner with you to host a zero waste event.

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